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One more little problem with the new graphs function :)

Hi I totally understand that Duolingo team is working really really hard. I am so thankful. I just feel that I should do my best to find any problems and to report it to make the web site even better. I also know that the problem is sooo small than it is probable that not a lot of people will notice it but nevertheless. So here is a problem: 1000 number not displaying properly. I just think that if a person gets 20000 points they won't be able to see it. By the way, Thank you so much for this great graphics function I have already fallen in love with it.

April 17, 2014

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Yes, I think widening the image would do best. A fair few users (myself included) usually go into the thousands. I think that 10,000 should be the cutoff, as it's not very common for people to rise that high.

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