"I want a non-alcoholic drink."

Translation:Je veux une boisson sans alcool.

March 3, 2018

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Why doesn't 'alcool' need an article before it?


The preposition sans takes the place of an article here. Other examples:

"C'est une boisson sans sucre." → "It is a sugarless drink."
"C'est un homme sans logement." → "He is a homeless man."


Nouns that follow prepositions may or may not require an article. Such prepositions fall into four categories:

• require an article before their object
• sometimes require an article before their object
• don’t require an article before their object
• nouns qualified by an adjective

Generally when the preposition sans is followed by a noun, the noun doesn’t require an article unless the noun needs to be specified.


Je suis sorti sans l'accord de mes parents - I went out without my parents' agreement.
Je suis sorti sans permission - I went out without permission
Je veux vivre dans un pays sans une rivière(un fleuve) sale - I want to live in a country without a dirty river
pur jus sans sucre ajouté - pure juice with no added sugar
J'aime le café sans sucre. I like coffee without sugar Mon mari est sans emploi actuellement. - My husband is unemployed at the moment.


Why not "Je veux une boisson non alcoolisée"


"Je veux un verre sans alcool." Marked wrong. Thoughts?


you can also drink from a cup, c'est à dire un verre is a glass and a drink is une boisson

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