"Eu explic ușor criza din cursul războiului."

Translation:I easily explain the crisis from the time of the war.

March 3, 2018



In another question, "din cursul" meant "since" but here, it means "during?" (Eu lucrez din cursul verii = "since")

What gives?

March 3, 2018


Today din cursul was translated as 'from the time of' in this sentence and since in the sentence that cheerfulcharlie quotes, but I put since here and it wasn't expected. For us english speakers, 'since' is an easier and more common way of saying 'from the time of.' I cannot remember ever hearing an English speaker ever say 'from the time of'

I guess that whilst those 2 phrases have effectively the same meaning, din cursul can also mean during, which obviously has a different meaning altogeher?

December 24, 2018
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