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German TV serieses

Hallo! I’m looking for an online German TV series, I’m a B1 German learner .. I prefer romantic or science fiction serieses, any suggestions?? Danke

March 3, 2018



If you have Netflix I'd recommend watching the show Dark. It's about time travel, so it sort of counts as Sci-Fi. It only has 10 episodes, but a second season is in the works.

For romance maybe "Doctor's Diary? It's a RomCom set in a hospital, and the only show I can think of right now for that category.


Hi, if you're interested, "series" is the same in the singular and the plural in English, so we say "a TV series", "two TV series", "some TV series" etc.. Good luck with the German!


That was a typo .. I realized that after posting and I couldn’t edit the post afterwards. Thanks


You can't? Interesting, I think I already did it some times, but I might be wrong....


I just posted a comment, and my options listed just below my comment are "Antworten Bearbeiten Löschen•gerade eben." Bearbeiten = Edit.

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    Hello! I don't really know any German romantic or science fiction series, but if you enjoy comedy police shows then I fully recommend Mord mit Aussicht and Hubert und Staller. If you like straight up crime dramas, then check out Tatort. ...I just realized the only German television series I really know are crime related. Weird, haha.

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    Hey, thanks for the good tip on Mord mit Aussicht, watching the second episode right now, I am enjoying the combination of crimi and comedy, it's pretty cool :-)


    May I ask what you think about the pronunciation there? Those "local comedy" series are done in some kind of tv-compatible local dialect. I mean, they just use as much accent that all Germans can understand them without problems, but still recognize them as "authentic" people from the respective regions. If you take two different series, like Huber und Staller from Bavaria/Austria and Mord mit Aussicht from the Eifel, you might be able to hear the difference.

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    I noticed some differences: eine = ne, nein = nee, nicht = nickt and sometimes even ich = ick ... and also the whole accent / melody of the language is somewhat different. So I had to get used to all that. I also noticed that different people have different level of this dialect, depending on the character they portrait. Let's say the main characters will be closer to Hochdeutsch than some random villagers. In this way it is just like you say, so pretty much everybody can understand it and here and there is a villager with a stronger version of the dialect.

    Overall I welcome every oportuninty to expand/widen my comprehension, since I understand that dialects are a big thing in German language and the learners shouldn't hide themselves in the "Hochdeutsch bubble". After watching a lot of american shows dubbed in German (= supposedly Hochdeutsch) I figured I should watch some original German shows, expecting the language will be a bit more "normal", more representing the way "normal" Germans speak. So I recently watched Babylon Berlin and have to say it greatly improved my comprehension. I am expecting the same from Mord mit Aussicht. Huber and Staller just might be the next step after that :-)


    Thanks for the insight ;-). You're right, many syllables, entire words and phrases differ from "newsreader" German. Seems like you found a way to catch some of them...

    I feel a bit stupid every time I listen to English natives - probably I should try something similar...


    I have been watching with friends Babylon Berlin with English subtitles. My friends don't know any German, and the first time through, English subtitles feels like the right choice anyway. I'm looking forward, though, to watching it again with German subtitles, and then again with no subtitles.

    It's not easy to find on Netflix in the US German shows with all three options: German/ English/ no subtitles. If you (or anyone reading this) can point to more, that would be very helpful!


    Check out the link below. Some channels work, others dont, but I use it all the time, its great, good luck!!



    Hello Ghada128

    I believe being in B1 it would be quite difficult to understand such series. To be honest, I tried to watch them and it was difficult for me to follow, it is too fast and in my opinion, it is not the best option for someone beginner to improve effectively his German. However, I would rather suggest you to watch some German stories for children, please to check the following link:


    Best of luck :)


    Nice story! Don't really agree about tv, though. If you accept that you only understand about one word in twenty when you start, you can still enjoy watching a series, documentary, or the news. The important thing is to watch something you like, so you just replace English TV with German TV, and little by little you end up understanding more and more. Like living in the country. Worked for me.

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    Yes, I can confirm this method works. You have to overcome what I call a "names and numbers" stage :-) After that it just gets better. Always glad to hear from a fellow learner who jumps in head first and learns the language the most effective way (= watching tons of TV shows).

    B1 should be high enough level to do that for sure. I started watching in German way before that level and I only benefited from it.

    Happy learning :-)


    I'm dubious about your claim that watching TV shows you understand very little of is "the most effective way" to learn a new language. I think it would be extremely inefficient. But, hey, whatever works or worked for you! For most people, though, I suspect not.

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    It works for everybody who sticks with it. Yes it is frustrating at first but eventually it becomes easier and easier and then finally it's just normal and you watch it like it's your native language. Even if you have perfect passive knowledge of the language there is no way around this and if you want to improve your comprehension you have to go through this process sooner or later. I choose sooner since it is no easier if you do it later. It's like you have to relearn everything you know passively (now you have to learn to "catch it from air" = to understand the spoken language)... If you don't do it you will never have a chance to get really fluent. I have already done this with two languages (English and German) so I know it works and I know I wouldn't be where I am if I didn't do it. If you believe there is a better way to learn then be my guest :-)

    Note: that is not to say I didn't study vocabulary and I didn't look up grammar rules. Also when I started to watch the TV shows I was already done with my German tree here on Duolingo which sure gave me a good start.


    Exactly, and I'm glad you added the "Note", as I think that's where the misunderstanding arose. TV is complementary to studying and reading, but I think many people wait too long before starting, like "I'm not fit enough to start jogging"!


    Actually, I can believe, as you say, that it works for everyone who sticks with it. Probably most people won't stick with it, and we shouldn't assume that if they did, it would work for them also. On the contrary, this sounds like a process of self-selection. Those who don't have the temperament or the ability to learn this way, may be making the right choice not to stick with it. I think a more efficient method would be to get an educated, native-speaking personal tutor who knows how to converse with you starting at your level and help you advance.


    Hi Ghada128 I enjoyed "Ijon Tichy: Raumpilot" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0978537/ but all characters exept one speak german with a heavy accent...


    Hi, i recently started to learn german. Do any of you know a good cartoon or a kids show in german? It has to be something that i can find on Youtube.

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