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Full translation word for word or just what it means?

Willst du mit mir ausgehen? my answer will you go out with me?

Duo's answer Do you want to go out with me?

To me exact same thing - different wording.

March 4, 2018



you were cheated by false friends. The German "willst du" means "do you want..." while "will you... " is "are you going to.." which is "wirst du..." which not necessarily implies the other person's wish to do so.


When you switch a verb and a subject to form a question, it translates to "Do"

Ich mag Huhn- I love chicken

Mag ich Huhn?- Do I love chicken?

Same in French.

J'aime faire du vélo- I like biking/bike riding.

Aimez-vous faire du vélo?-Do you like biking?

Duolingo is grammatical correct.


nope not the same thing: will in english is not the same as will in german. german will from wollen is to want english will ist werden in german so your anwer tranlated back to german would mean wirst du mit mir ausgehen.

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