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Please accept “card” as a translation for “carta”

This is a major pet peeve I have on this website, it rarely ever accepts card for carta. If “card” is incorrect, then please explain why? Thnx!

March 4, 2018



Carta means a playing card, so it could be right, depending on context. But you couldn't pay by "carta" or write a "carta", for example.


You can write a carta, then carta is a letter...


You can translate "carta" as "card" when the meaning is playing card. A synonymous is "naipe". With the meaning of letter is always "carta". A credit card or bussines card is "tarjeta".


You've gotten good explanations about carta / tarjeta / naipe already. I'd just like to mention that when you find errors or omissions in the course, you should use the "report an error" button. The course contributors do not read every post in the discussion forum or even in the course's sentence forum. They do, however, read the reports that the button generates.

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