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"Estamos enfrente de la biblioteca."

Translation:We are in front of the library.

March 4, 2018



Why not "We are opposite the library."?


I think opposite may imply something across the street such as a church opposite the library. If that were the case, you'd probably say that you were in front of the church instead.


I had "We are in front of library". I knew from the outset that it should have been "We are in front of the library" but I was using the click on the words function and there was no "the" to click on.


Across is given as a translation for enfrente, but then We are across the library is not accepted as an answer. Does anybody know why this is so? Should there be a different syntax for it to mean across?


Well, 'We are across the library' doesn't really make sense in English. At least not in the context of this sentence. It would be 'We are across from the library'.

That said, I feel Duo might be a little off on this one as I think 'across from' would be more accurate for 'enfrente de'. For in front of I'd use 'frente de'. Though research shows there are many conflicting opinions on this so I'm not %100 sure about it. A second opinion would be great.

Edit For 'We are across the Library' I'd say: Estamos al otro lado de la biblioteca.


georgios, hints are not always correct answers, bur suggestions for sentences in other context


"enfrente" means "opposite", no? and "al frente" means "at the front". How are "opposite" and "in front of" expressed clearly if "enfrente " is used for both "opposite" and "in front of" ?

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