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Friends? :')

Hey everyone! I recently started learning Japanese and I was wondering if anyone wants to be a study buddy with me and we can learn together? :) I think it'll be a good way to use Japanese (Especially if you don't need to use it in everyday life) and it will help both of us to apply the language more frequently :) I've never used Duolingo up until recently so I don't know if you can message people when you follow them or whatever, but if you can, I really think it's worth a try! EDIT: So since you can't communicate over Duo, I have made a Discord account as I don't really feel comfortable sharing my phone number or anything like that :') My username is: AvalonAlicee and my tag is #4836

March 4, 2018


  • Let's be friend?


Sure. I'm from Philipines tho


i will be glad)


I'd be glad. Let's be friends. :D

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