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Does anyone else have issues with People 2nd lesson?

I did it twice to check, but I had the same problem: towards the end of the lesson, it's the same two questions repeating over and over again: -A multiple choice question ("which one is 女?", always the same answer, number 1) -A translation ("女ではありません", I am not a woman)

This happened in web version, and there's vocabulary that's supposed to be in the lesson which didn't appear (りっぱ and ゆうめい)

March 4, 2018



There have been issues for some courses recently, with the same question repeated multiple times. I did the lesson you wrote about before the repetition problems, and the words りっぱ and ゆうめい appeared only just in the strenght practice.

Many words that don't appear in the lessons and more complicated sentences show up only when strenghtening the skill, so it's worth doing it if you want to learn everything from the course ;)


Unfortunately it's not just recently :(

It's a bug of some sort. Perhaps bug reports of the specific units where it occurs will help them track it down? I don't think there's anything else to be done.


I first noticed it over month ago: post. Since then, sometimes it gets better, sometimes worse. I wonder if Duo is cooking something up... besides new bugs after each maintenance, that is ;P


I first noticed it a year ago :( in Guaraní, albeit in a strengthening, not a lesson. Totally separate bugs or another head of the same hydra, who knows?


It seems like it's spreading, it may be an A/B test. First it was in Japanese, then people started posting about in Spanish, Italian, German etc... in reverse Japanese it got just ridiculous, same sentence 5-7 times in a row. Somewhat fixed now.

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