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  5. The best verb for 'hug'?


The best verb for 'hug'?

Can anyone tell me the most common and most suitable term for 'to hug' please?

Thanks :)

March 4, 2018



I'd say "faire un câlin"

For instance, 'give me a hug' is 'Fais-moi un câlin'

Embrasser originally had the meaning of 'to hug', but nowadays it switched to meaning 'to kiss', which can lead to some pretty embarrassing situations.


I honestly can not tell if you are being sarcastic or not


Yes, "câlin" is good. "Serre-moi dans tes bras" is "Hold me tight"


Well, it's not embrasser. I found that out the hard way. ;)


"faire une accolade " ..? Maybe too formel ....It's really an american thing to me .... I don't really know how to translate it . "prendre dans les bras " ?? Maybe it depends on the hug itself : is it a quick one with just a tap on the back or a long close one ( "very touchy" ) with someone you really like ?


Donne moi un câlin . Fais moi un câlin Both will work with out a chance of any miss haps. It really depends on the situation. But these should keep you neutal. :) Embrasse et embrasse moi will get you both lol Embrasse is a very personal term which is why it is mostly interpreted as kiss very often. But it can mean hug as well . J'espère que ceci vous aide. Bonne Chance :)

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