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Hi. How do I tell which lessons I completed?

April 17, 2014


When you click on the skill, it should show all of the lessons. If they all say "redo" then you've completed it :).

You will find a green checkmark on each lesson that has been completed. :)

I tested out of a lot of lessons but I'd like to do some of them to completely pick up the vocabulary that they have to offer. Unfortunately, the only lesson status displayed is completed -- even though many of those "completed" lessons I never did thanks to testing out of them! This makes it hard to keep track of the lessons that I tested out of but never did.

Would you please consider introducing and presenting a four-state "completion" status for lessons, e.g.

1) never done, not tested out of: case of pending lesson that presents new material

2) never done, tested out of: case of a lesson skipped by testing out of it

3) done, not tested out of: case of a completed lesson that presented new material

4) done, tested out of: case of a lesson, originally tested out of, that was done anyway for complete coverage.

I'd really like to be sure that I've covered all vocabulary and exercises even though I've tested out of a lot; just because I've tested out of a lesson doesn't mean that I've fully mastered its complete contents. And I have no guarantee that doing a lot of strengthening exercises would eventually and completely cover all material presented in lessons that I'd tested out of.


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