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  5. "That is not a hospital."

"That is not a hospital."

Translation:Das ist kein Krankenhaus.

March 21, 2013



Why would it be "Kein Krankenhaus" instead of "Das ist ein Krankenhaus nicht"?


You use "Kein/e" to negate a noun.

And "Nicht" to negate a verb or adjective.


In the case of the sentence above, don't I negate the verb "ist"?


With other verbs you would use Nicht

Let's say you want to negate some verbs:

  • I Ich mag es nicht
  • Du sprichst nicht

We put nicht at the end when negating a verb

But here, we are negating the Noun Krankenhaus.

So, to negate any noun in the Nomitiv and Akkusativ case we will use Kein/e

Same when negating the noun with adjectives:

  • Das ist kein armer Mann

  • Ich habe keinen roten Hund

  • Sie haben keinen Wein

  • Ich sehe keine kleine gelbe Katze

  • Du hast keinen neuen weißen Zug


"Spital" instead of "Krankenhaus"? Should be correct too!


Klinik is the same as Krankenhaus so why it is not correct!!!


a clinic is a place or part of a hospital where a particular kind of medical treatment or advice is given (die Klinik)


hospital and clinic for me are two different things, and in German some times Krankenhaus is translated to Hospital and some other times for clinic. How confusing


"Die Praxis" is The Practice, for a medical practice if that is more what youre looking after.


Where is the difference between "Das ist kein Krankenhaus" and "Dies ist kein Krankenhaus"?


»Das« means “That”.
»Dies« means “This”.

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