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Flirting and idioms on mobile

I bought them while on PC. Is there a way to have those lessons on mobile version?

March 4, 2018



In the Android App, they are in the same place in the skill tree as in Duolingo's web version (www.duolingo.com)


Wow! Did not know that! Thanks for the info!


I even updated the app, but they are not there: https://c2n.me/3So3mGu.


For Spanish you are right.
I checked it in one of my test accounts. I was able to buy the bonus skill "Idioms" in the Android App, but it is not visible in the Android skill tree (also not greyed out)

However, I have the bonus skills both in the Android App and in www.duolingo.com for:

. German for English speakers
. French for English speakers
. English for German speakers

  1. Have you already looked for an answer in the "Spanish for English discussion forum"?
    If you did not find an answer, then
  2. maybe there is more chance for getting an answer, if you move this discussion to the "Spanish for English discussion forum"?


If anyone's still wondering, the latest Duolingo app update fixed the problem and they both exist in the app.

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