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Any suggestions on how to declare a "winner" between 2 people learning a language?

I just finished my Spanish tree. My friend has some knowledge of German and he wants to brush up on his skills before his cousin visits this summer. He keeps saying he's going to start using Pimsleur to study, but he keeps putting it off. I was going to go to French next (and German eventually), but last night he mentioned the German again, and I challenged him, "Don't make me learn German before you get started." Yeah, so now we have a "competition." Except we have no clue how to determine a winner. This is just for fun, and we both love to learn new things, so neither of us is doing this just to beat the other. But it would still be fun to have a "winner." Any suggestions for how to do that? (I do realize that solely using Duolingo doesn't lead to true fluency. Adding other learning methods isn't out of the question. :-) )

March 4, 2018



This sounds cool! :-) I suggest that you set a time (perhaps 2 or 3 months), and then take a free placement test. Many language schools offer online tests (perhaps even Goethe-Institut, which is the best source, as far as I know).

And the one of you who earns the most points in the language test is the winner. Happy learning! :-)


Thanks! This is a great idea!

[deactivated user]

    There are a number of "language challenge" videos on YouTube. Maybe have a 3rd party friend come up with a list of phrases and words in English/German and you and the friend you challenged would be contestants. Winner winner chicken dinner!


    Speak/ Improvise a whole paragraph about a given subject into a microphone on Google Translate and see whose voice/grammar gets ''understood'' best.


    I think we're going to use the test, but this sounds like fun!


    The bar tells you how much xp you have so who ever gets the most xp when you're finished is the winner. Or create your own clan and each week it tells you who is the winner on the leader board.


    He's not using Duolingo, though, so that won't work. Thanks, though!


    Why put this on the duolingo site then. ... this is meant to be for duolingo users only.


    Because I am using Duolingo.


    He could just download it though. That my point. If he downloaded duolingo it's not hard to create an account and then there would be a clear way of declaring a winner.


    Try watching a German cartoon and see who understands it more

    EDIT: Something simple like a phonics video or anything tailored towards toddlers really.

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