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a headscratcher - c'est vs est?

i'm not sure if this is something to only occur in spoken french, as i have watched a lot of french vlogs, and i hear often... ", c'est " where i would have expected to hear " est ."

for example instead of "voir est croire", there is "voir, c'est croire." another example, instead of "moi est [name]" it is "moi, c'est [name]."

i would like to know when to use which, and why? thank you!

March 4, 2018



Having done some research on the topic, I found that, generally, il/elle est and ils/elles sont are followed by an adjective and c'est is followed by a noun.

For example: "Il est grand" means "he is tall" and "c'est un ami" means "he's a friend".

There are more things to note so I'd suggest reading this article: https://www.frenchtoday.com/blog/french-grammar/cest-versus-il-elle-est


est = is, c'est = it is, this is etc.


I agree this is true

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