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Third tree done

No reason for anyone to care, but I'm posting anyway, because I just finished my Spanish Tree, and it's all gold. Three finished gold trees now: French, Italian, and Spanish. Wrapping up German next. After that, I'm going to just maintain and burnish for a while.

Happy days to everyone.

March 4, 2018



What an accomplishment! Be proud of yourself because what you have done is awesome! :) Keep up the amazing work!


I love your profile pic and I ♥️ Guinea pigs


Fair play, mate. I've done Spanish and want to do French as well. Just the small matter of finding the time to do it.


Felicidades!! How long did it take you to finish the three trees? I have five skills to go with my Spanish tree :D


About 4 to 6 months per tree, keeping it golden the whole way. (6 months all around, I guess - I've been working on them simultaneously.) I know it could do them much faster if you just plowed ahead and worried about keeping them golden later. German is on the long side. French and Spanish were, for me, the easiest.

Buena suerte.


Congratulations! :)


Great job! How long did it take you to do it.


Hi Bryanlouiselle,

sounds like fun!

How do you like Portuguese BR in contrast to your other Romance trees?

Any favourite between them?

Have you already tried Lingvist?
Do you like the Spanish audio (there are about 3800 words)?
What do you think about Lingvist French ~5000 words?
French audio doesn't sound too bad either!

I am not sure if I have asked these questions in your previous threads...can't check right now as my PT clubs leaderships boards and statistics end at 00:00am/01:00am.... ;)


Spent two weeks in Tuscany last year and had a blast. I had gone through the complete Pimsleur Italian course, finished the tree here, and was working on Memrise. After one day of awkward nervousness, I was getting around perfectly smoothly with no English, and was actually having conversations about Italian grammar in Italian. After I got back, I decided to narrow my focus to Italian, French, German, and Spanish. So, I haven't really gotten very far into Portuguese, or even looked at it for quite a while. I remember thinking that it was a lot like Spanish but with with tons of "sh"'s. German is a tough tree to get through - long and difficult because of both the grammar and the large number of heady, abstract words. I would have thought it would be easier, as I lived there for nine months once upon a time, but once you get past all the Anglo words that we adopted (Milch, Hund, Brot und Wasser) you start getting into the polysyllabic adverbs and high-concept-words that make you feel like you're in verbal fisticuffs with Kant and Goethe.

I haven't tried Lingvist, but I'm checking it out subito.



What an apt discription of German! So much descrimination One English word become 5-6 German words to choose between each with a slightly different meaning. A learning reqirement is a high frustration tolerance <g>.




Just curious: how fluent would you say you are in these languages?


DuoLingo has been invaluable. But it's just the beginning. I've also been using the Pimsleur audio program and Memrise. DuoLingo is good for many things, especially vocabulary and starting you off with at least an APPRECIATION for if not UNDERSTANDING of the many tenses out there. Pimsleur is awesome for idioms and conversation. But even when I have worked my way through all these, I'll still consider myself barely a novice.

The only language I'm comfortable stepping off the plane and using is Italian. And even then, not to talk politics or philosophy, but to get a newspaper and order in a restaurant and finding out where the entrance to the clock tower is without embarrassing myself utterly. I was in Tuscany two weeks last year and got along with NO problems and NO English.


Nice stuff Try Polish if you up for a challenge


You're truly an inspiration! Your effort is really apreciated, keep it up and don't give up.


Fantastic effort ! - well done sir!


wao!! que chevere!! =]


That's an incredible achievement. Congratulations.

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