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This is literally the course in a nutshell.

March 4, 2018



Yeah, that's basically why I even do the module. I was fluent in Chinese long before Duolingo even existed, but so now I figure the best way I can contribute is by going through the module and reporting all the possible alternative answers I can. They have actually been really great about accepting them.

And that can't be an easy job, because I've seen a bunch of people demanding that incorrect answers be accepted as well. For example, all the people who can't tell the difference between the UK, England, and Great Britain. So actually going through and checking to see which answers to accept or not is probably going to be a long process. My hat goes off to the folks who do it!


And we appreciate it! (I do the same with the Japanese course...) So thank you for the extra hours you put in.


Yup. It sucks that the course is no longer in Beta.

Report every time you find something like this. If we all help we can make the course great.

Btw, good job on reaching level 25. You are the third person I have seen at 25 in Mandarin so far.


I've gotten 11 "we now accept this translation" emails just in the last 2 days, so it seems like things are picking up. I've given up on the course since it got too frustrating with the picky translations once it got to about the 4th checkpoint, but maybe I'll give it another try.


I wouldn't be surprised if another accepted translation was "My parents live in the U, S, and A."


I've learned to live with it.


It's a hard life.

For those of you that want to know how it feels, try strengthening "Weather" lesson. It's so god dammed picky.


Eugh yes... Strengthening weather :-|. So far I've found that that skill has the most errors. Get reporting people!


They are all not American.

None of them are American.
not accepted


Keep in mind it's in Beta. :)


It's not in beta anymore.


And this is pretty unfortunate.


I'm not sure it's that unfortunate. I've gone through the entire module, and I think it is pretty comprehensive. At this point, the main trick will be accepting more sentence variations like this, which is a process that benefits from going mainstream. Even though it isn't in beta, that doesn't mean they can't still improve it.


True. I was more worried that leaving Beta would reduce the number of errors being corrected.

But if errors are still being actively corrected with full release, then I agree with your points.




Nope, I'm pretty sure that Duolingo isn't case sensitive, and it mostly ignores punctuation as well. There's just a lot of examples where it doesn't have alternate wordings programed to be accepted. It will be a slow process, but they do appear to be working on it.


I know, practically the same thing happened to me; I said the answer was "The teacher eats lunch from 12:00 to 1:00" and they said I got it wrong because it was "The teacher eats lunch from 12 to 1". So........ basically, I kinda gave up............

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