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Why it is "zur Schule gegangen" and not "zu Schule gegangen"

Hi, i dont unterstand why it is > "zur Schule gegangen" and not "zu Schule gegangen"

Can someone please explain, thanks a lot.


March 5, 2018



There's no deeper explanation for that. zur is the contraction of zu der and most destinations with the preposition zu are used with the defined article, so it's zur Arbeit, zur Schule, zur Uni, zum Bahnhof, zur U-Bahn, zu den Eltern, ....

With names the article is omitted: Er ist zu Paul gegangen.


Just to add a detail to the perfect explaination from Max, just note that "zu" demands the dative case, so "der" for a feminine noun such as "die Schule", "dem" for masculine or neuter ones, "den", as said for plural (all genders) — and don't forget the final -n :)


Thanks for the completion. Sometimes I don't see those possible problems with the case ;-).


It's always like that with one's own language :) We don't see those things anymore after learning them organically as toddlers; On the other hand, when you struggled a little as a teen or an adult to make them kind of natural, you tend to remember ;)

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