"Já nevidím jeho, ale ji."

Translation:I do not see him but her.

March 5, 2018

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the English translation "but her" does not sound natural


I was thinking the same thing for US English -- grammatically it's correct, but not very natural. I would probably say, "I don't see him, but I do see her." I don't think this translation should be changed in the lesson, though -- I just wanted to add my two cents for anyone who might not speak English natively.


It sounds natural to native speakers. What else would you say?


I agree the English given here is OK. But one could also say (slightly more elegantly): I see her but not him.


The given translation is not grammatically incorrect but I agree something like 'I can see her but not him' or 'I see her but I don't see him' sounds more natural and is more likely to be said.


Although they make the same point -- you see one person, but you don't see the other -- I believe those would be different sentences in Czech... just like they are in English.


Maybe a bit formal or bookish sounding, but I could imagine someone saying it back in the day...


there is a new voice recording; while it is good to hear different people speak, it sounds as if it has been recorded in a cupboard. The sound quality is poor and, for this particular sentence, the 'ji' tails off as to be inaudible


Those audios had not been recorded anywhere, they are machine generated (TTS). You can provide the general feedback to Duolingo in the main forum. No-one responsible will hear it here.

I disabled the listening exercise for this sentence.


could you use jej


isn't "ale" a preposition? if it was in this case, instead of "ji" it would've been "ni"


Ale is a conjunction, not a preposition. But in a sentence that did use a preposition followed by the accusative case, ji would become ni.


I would say: I do not see him, but I see her.


That's a fine sentence in English, but it is not a translation of the Czech sentence. I would not be surprised if it is not accepted for that reason. (Native AmE)

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