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  5. "But not in the capital."

"But not in the capital."

Translation:Pero no en la capital.

March 5, 2018



But Tinycards told me otherwise about the word 'capital' in the lesson of 'places'. It used 'el'!


Google translate told me 'el' but when I looked it up in my dictionary I found the masc. form refers to capital in a monetary environment but when it is used for a city it is feminine.


Yeah. So Duolingo's Tinycards is wrong here. How can we fix it?


The English word for money is capital with an a in the last syllable


The English word for the capitol city has an o in the final syllable, not capital which is a financiwl term.


No, "capital city" has an a. The word "capitol" with an o is only used to refer to a statehouse or similar building.

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