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"V našem žrádle pro psy maso není."

Translation:There is no meat in our dog food.

March 5, 2018



I think this sentence can be understood in two ways:

[V našem žrádle pro psy] maso není. There's no meat in our food for dogs.

V našem žrádle [pro psy maso není]. There's no meat for dogs in our food.

Am i right?


You are right but the second would be strange. To call "our food" "žrádlo" is very colloquial and vulgar - but it does happen. And to say that there is no meat for the dogs is also a bit strange.


there are far more strange sentences here on Duolingo ;)

I actually wrote the second one because I imagined a dog sitting next to the table and asking for some food. And annoyed human can say "listen, there's no meat for dogs in my food. stop looking at me like that"

But I didn't know žrádlo wasn't the equivalent to jidlo


We don't have meat in our food for dogs?


That is not direct enough, it is more like "V našem žrádle pro psy nemáme maso.".


Šlo by i food for dogs?

Can I use food for dogs?

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