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"František je chlapec, kdežto Matěj je muž."

Translation:František is a boy, whereas Matěj is a man.

March 5, 2018



Wasn't František married? Maybe that's why they have so many problems, he's still a boy, hahahaha


There's a lot of strange stuff going on with these people... :-)


He's probably a metaphorical boy, a man child - that's why his wife cries when he's asleep :/


As Hank Williams once sang it in his »Lonesome Whistle«: “Just a kid, acting smart | I went and broke my darling's heart | I guess I was too young to know“ Maybe Frantisek is just too young to know, thus has his wife crying at night.


When child marriage does occur, it's usually with the genders the other way around. Good to know Duolingo is welcoming such diversity!

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