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"Potřebuju jména těch devatenácti děvčat."

Translation:I need the names of the nineteen girls.

March 5, 2018



Why is I need names of the nineteen girls.


Why is it what?


Why is not correct translation "I need names of the nineteen girls" and why have to be there "the names".


Oh, the czech sentence says 'těch 19 děvčat". Literally "Those 19 girls". You want names of THE 19 girls that did not come to school yesterday. English sentence without THE suggests you just want names of 19 random girls.


I generally highly appreciate your explanations but Avtokrat was not suggesting to omit the definite article before “girls” but before “names.” Strange as it may seem, somebody might ask any names of those girls, not necessarily “the” names that might figure in their passports.

So, while I agree that the translation should contain two definite articles I think that your explanation addresses the second one, while the original poster asked about the first one.


Why is "I need the names of those nineteen girls" marked as wrong translation?


That is an accepted form. Use "My answer should have been accepted" to report.

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