"Ty máš stejnou bundu?"

Translation:Do you have the same jacket?

March 5, 2018

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What makes bunda different from kabat?


bunda is a jacket used against cold (not jacket that is part of a suite). Typically it goes to about your waist or little lower, the furthest for it to be a bunda it should probably end just below ones butt. It usually is on a sporty side.


Kabat is typically longer and is called a coat. There might be a little overlap when you have a formal cut of a coat and it is not long but generally this is kabat.



Thank you for the detailed explanation.
What is the Czech word for a suit jacket?


Why do you not accept "Have you" in stead of "Do you have"?


"Have you got..." is also accepted. To my native AmE ear, just "have you" sounds a little odd in this sentence, but I have added it; in may be more common in BrE usage. But I would suggest that "do you have" and "have you got" are better choices.


'Have you' sounds very archaic and overly formal. It would be very unusual to hear it used in modern English. Maybe as a parody, or if one wanted to sound particularly pretentious! :D


I thought after vy you should have máte not máš???


??? Why those question marks ???

If any of your sentemces was not accepted and you want to explaim that you have to report the complete sentence.


What is wrong with the sentence "Do you have an identical jacket?"? Does it need to be "the same" jacket? Or looking the same is OK too?


I am native AmE. Unless there is enough of a difference between "same" and "identical" on the Czech side for each of them to have its own word, "identical" seems acceptable to me.

FWIW, if I were asking the question, my go-to would be "the same jacket." If I wanted to use "identical, I'd probably use "THE identical jacket" instead of "AN identical jacket," but that may be a personal preference. I don't feel a major difference between those two, whereas "A same jacket" would be weird compared to "THE same jacket." :-)

Also: If "the/an identical jacket" is already accepted, there may have been something else in your answer that Duo didn't like.

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