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"It is more difficult than you think."

Translation:È più difficile di quanto pensi.

March 21, 2013



Why is "quanto" necessary here?


Why di quanto and not che?


Google translate says its right. I said the same thing. Will report it as correct


Why is 'È più difficile di quanto tu pensi' not accepted? The only difference I can see is the 'tu'.


Not only is it correct, it would be incorrect to leave out the tu.


I think 'tu' should be correct if you want to put emphasis on it (more difficult than YOU think has opposd to what he thinks), but it's definitely not mandatory in this sentence.


I need assistance with this one please. Why does "che" not work here? I see two people asked this question years ago and nothing from DL. :-/


I'm no expert so just putting my two cents in here.. We know that "quanto" translates like "quantity"="how many". So to me, the way I read it is "It is more difficult than how [much] difficult you think it is". I don't know if that helps or makes it more confusing. I always try to translate it back to English to see how they construct sentences and help me remember how to say certain things.


I am adking the same question.


If you look at the hints for "than", di quanto is one of them. It's just how you form the sentence.

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