"Why do they not visit you?"

Translation:¿Por qué ellos no te visitan?

10 months ago


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why can't I use "se"? Por qué ellos no se visitan. What is wrong with that?

10 months ago

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To say "you," you want the direct object pronoun: te (for tú), lo/la (for usted), or los/las (for ustedes).
"Se" changes the meaning of the sentence to something along the lines of "why don't they visit each other, or themselves, or why aren't they visited?"

10 months ago


I am quite unsure about using the phrases a ellos, a usted, a el and the likes. I tried to say "por que no te visitan a ellos" (don't mind the accents). I would like to know the reason this is wrong and the rules for using a ellos etc.

6 months ago


I wrote the exact words you did and you said it was wron

3 months ago
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