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  5. "Why do they not visit you?"

"Why do they not visit you?"

Translation:¿Por qué ellos no te visitan?

March 5, 2018



The earlier question about grandmother visiting doesn't accept subject before verb.... This one has subject before verb.... Why is one correct and other incorrect? Both begin with question word.


I've noticed in dúo, it prefers that a pronoun go before the verb, and a noun after. 'Por qué ellos no te visitan' vs 'por qué no te visitan tus padres'. You can probably say it the other way, but this seems to be the order dúo prefers.


I am quite unsure about using the phrases a ellos, a usted, a el and the likes. I tried to say "por que no te visitan a ellos" (don't mind the accents). I would like to know the reason this is wrong and the rules for using a ellos etc.


since ellos is the subject, it does not take the personal a. Por qué ellos no te visitan is one way to word the question, or Por qué no te visitan ellos


Why is no after ellos?


The "no" is always coupled with the verb and the subject does not come between them. The subject precedes no (and nunca) in this kind of sentence, and you will often see the subject follow the verb when the sentence is preceded by an interrogative word/expression such as Por qué, cuándo, dónde, qué (etcétera).


i dont tried but i think "why dont they visit you" is more correct (?)


¿Por qué ellos no te visitan?


Doing some experimenting. I tried "¿Por qué no ustedes visitan ellos?" and was marked wrong. Later I tried "¿Por qué no te visitan ellos?" and it was marked correct. OK, I think I get it. Plural informal you should have been os. "¿Por qué no os visitan ellos?"


The first sentence you gave was incorrect because ustedes came after no and should have come before it. I know people often say that placement doesn't count as much is Spanish as it does in English, but I find that placement often does matter. Good for you for experimenting, though. Best way to learn.


My intention was to use plural you as the object. So it was not a word order issue but a word issue. Should have been os instead of ustedes.

Thanks for the comment re experimenting. It is fun to do at times but gets me marked wrong a lot. Nothing wrong with that, though.


Why is it te and not tú? Why can't I grasp this? Please help.


Te and tú have different meanings, but both translate to "you" in English. Those "you" words actually have different meanings too, even if they look and sound the same. In phrases like "You visited" and "I visited you", that pronoun plays different roles.

This is explained by grammar. Most of us don't like grammar because it is hard and uses technical terms. But there is a reason for grammar. It speeds learning once we know it.

Basically, Spanish and English are very different they way they use pronouns. That can be confusing because we don't expect it. But it is so. Spanish is different, and we can learn those differences.

Check out this link.

You can find many more useful sites like it by searching on "Spanish pronouns" or "Spanish object pronouns".


Why porque ustedes no te visitan is not acceptable?


You seem to have two instances of "you" in your sentence - ustedes and te. Your sentence would translate to "Why don't you visit you" (first you being plural, second being singular informal).


Why can't this be 'les' for you plural?? ie: ¿ Por qué ellos no les visitan?


It should be los or las. This has already been explained. See marcy65brown's post and my reply to Olga491921.


I wrote " por que ellos no vos visitan" and it was marked wrong. In my opinion my answer should be accepted :/ What do you think about it?


I think it should be os, not vos.


why can't I use "se"? Por qué ellos no se visitan. What is wrong with that?


To say "you," you want the direct object pronoun: te (for tú), lo/la (for usted), or los/las (for ustedes).
"Se" changes the meaning of the sentence to something along the lines of "why don't they visit each other, or themselves, or why aren't they visited?"


Bumping up this question. How would we translate this if 'you' is plural?


¿Por qué ellos no los/las visitan?


It tells me, "You have a typo. ¿por qué no le visitan?" I did have a typo, as I hit the wrong key and typed "ye" instead of "te" but they have a typo too.


I wrote the exact words you did and you said it was wron


I am wondering why it can't be por que ellos no visitan contigo..why dont they visit with you?

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