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  5. "Hivi ni vitabu vya mwalimu"

"Hivi ni vitabu vya mwalimu"

Translation:These are the teacher's books

March 5, 2018



It's not wrong to say 'These are the teacher's books'!


"These are Teacher's books" is a possible use by pupils who customarily call their teacher "Teacher". I would use then a capital letter to show that it's a title.


true, the same applies for Swahili; to indicate you're talking about one specific teacher without using their name you can capitalize the M. Otherwise, as was said, it's just bad grammar


I agree. (But then they should have put the capital 'T' in. Without that, it is just a grammatical error.)


In fact, it's better English! Hope you used the Report button (or flag icon if you're in the app) to report it after commenting here. (It's a beta error.)


Duolinguo seems to be very rigid in what they accept as correct responses/answers. For instance, if as a native or proficient speaker of English one changes the structure of the Swahili sentence in the English translation or the sequence of the words (vis-a-vis the sequence in Swahili) to align with how one would actually say them naturally in English one's response is marked incorrect even though one is actually correct. I've been having an ongoing battle with one of their moderators about writing my answer as "500 thousand" instead of "500,000" when asked to translate "laki tano" into English in one of the exercises. As if it made any difference! The object of these exercises is to test comprehension - & my response clearly indicates I comprehend "laki tano" - yet they make it seem like there is any difference between "500" and "five hundred". Yet in other exercises they accept both 12 and "twelve". Yeah, I know I'm venting, but that because I'm pissed that they don't seem to be taking learners' feedback seriously enough!


This seems to be fixed now (7/27/18)


The Audio is slightly incorrect. The voice is actually saying Walimu not mwalimu


Audio here says "walimu" but text has "mwalimu". Reported Nov 14, 2019.


Agreed. Though they accepted vya walimu. They just need to change to audio


'These are the books of the teacher' is also wrong......


You are correct!


The English translation is wrong here! The books belong to teachers, not teacher's

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