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"Sometimes my mother talks to herself."

Translation:Soms praat mijn moeder tegen zichzelf.

5 months ago


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The correction I received was 'Soms praat mijn moeder in zichzelf'. Please explain the 'in'.

5 months ago

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"Soms praat mijn moeder in zichzelf" is not correct Dutch. Not sure why that correction was given to you. Edit: Per El2theK, in zichzelf praten is also correct.

5 months ago

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It's difficult to explain what is exactly the difference between tegen zichzelf praten and in zichzelf praten, but I suppose the former is more often used when someone is speaking aloud, while the latter refers to a person mumbling things that can either not be distinguished or do not really make sense. An actor can tegen zichzelf praten, but a philosopher who thinks aloud is in zichzelf aan het praten.

If anyone wants to add to this please feel free, but that's the way I understand it as a native speaker.

5 months ago