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My First Cooking Video In Spanish! (With bloopers)

Early last year, I finished my Duolingo Spanish tree. After I did that, I felt like I could say to myself that I was serious about learning Spanish. In the past, I have tried to complete my tree for about 3 times within the span of probably 7ish years. However, I finished last year. Around the time I was finishing up my Duolingo tree, I had a Spanish language partner from another country that wanted to learn English. We WhatsApped almost every day, alternating days where we would communicate in English and Spanish. I bought a bluetooth headset, and I listened to messages in Spanish and a little bit of videos in Spanish. I also started reading my first book in Spanish.

This year, I've wanted to be more serious; I'm reading my book more systematically, and I plan to be finished with it in April. I'm still sometimes listening to Spanish while I driving, walk, clean, or etc. I'm watching more videos in Spanish, and I just recently started watching Spanish YouTube videos with the Spanish subtitles on them. (I turn the subtitles on even if they are automatically generated by YouTube).

I'm thankful that Spanish is becoming more and more a part of my life. Since I like to make videos, I figured I should start making videos in Spanish. Here's a link to my first cooking video in Spanish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfY42qeDBJM.

March 6, 2018



Wow, awesome. I cannot do that. Congrats!


And food sounds delish! Can't wait to try it out!


I did a waffle video (in English) on my channel in 2013. It has over 29,000 views and over 500 likes. The split pea soup video (in English) so far has over 1,700 views and 50 likes. Both videos get around 20 views per day.

I just say all of that to say many people like these recipes. Some people have made some modifications to them to their liking. I've probably done the waffle recipe at least a thousand times, and I personally enjoy the split pea soup recipe.

I hope you will try out the recipes. ;)


Umaiza, did you see the bloopers section? I messed up soooo many times in this video. Thanks to video editing, a lot my errors were hidden, but I unveiled the curtain of one part of my filming.

I think you can do it! :)

I think one of the best ways to continue learning a language is to use it. I learned so much from this. With the help of Google Translate, I learned how to speak new words that I needed for this video. Then I used that (as well as myself) to make Spanish and English subtitles. I also was able to make English and Spanish versions of the title and description of the video for the first time as well.

One reason I put the bloopers in was because I believe making mistakes is part of the learning process (and bloopers are funny, too). :)


Your video is good, your grammar and vocabulary are good (with some mistakes), your pronunciation is not good, but understandable. Congratulations for the results, keep practicing and thanks for sharing your recipe.


Thanks for the feedback. Yes, after I finish my book, I'm planning to spend $15 on a course I saw on YouTube to help me trill my Rs. I hope that my pronunciation will get better as listen to more Spanish. However, I'm glad you thought that my Spanish was understandable.


Hola bmann2k3, acabo de ver tu video, tu español es muy bueno, ¡felicidades! excelente video.


¡Que bueno! Gracias.


Bien hecho. Lo disfruté mucho.


Hey that's pretty good

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