"L'eau est une boisson."

Translation:Water is a drink.

March 6, 2018

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interesting that L'eau is just water when literally it is translated into the water .


Yeah, maybe I've forgotten something here, but why does there have to be the 'l' at the front when it's just 'water'?


You probably know by now, but its because they are talking about the general concept of water. So, (unlike English) in French you add the definite article 'la' or 'le' (translated to 'the') before the noun to show that it is the general concept.

E.g. "j'aime >les< chats" = "I love cats" ">les< pommes sont rouges" = "apples are red"

Only add "le/la" by itself if you can say "in general". E.g "in general, apples are red" works. But "I eat some meat" in general- doesn't, that would be translated to "je mange >de< la viande"

"I eat cake" can not be translated to "je mange >le< gateâu" because you can't eat the general concept of cake. If it is an undefined amount you say "je mange >du< gateâu" for "I eat some (an undefined amount of) cake".


I can hardly hear the "est" and "une" parts, when the speaker says it on normal speed. It seems to mesh them all together


Yes - it is poor sound. It should sound like this "L'eau eh tune boisson". The speech to text here doesn't do the necessary liaison. Listen to the correct pronunciation of est une here: https://forvo.com/word/est_une/#fr


Do you still pronounce the ‘t’ in ‘est’ if it is: est un ?


Yes, in general endings like t and s are pronounced on the next word as long as that next word starts with a vowel. It would sound like e(s) tun


Did anyone else find this one ambiguous? First, I had typed "L'eau et une boisson." In English, I could say I had water and a drink (meaning alcoholic) with a meal. Does anyone know if it is possible to do so in French?


That makes so much more sense that the "water and a fish" I thought I was hearing (despite the lack of sense).


L' eau should be translated the water. Instead, The translation the water is considered a mistake.


Radulian, I was confused about this because earlier in the lesson I think it was explained that an unmeasurable amount needed to have "de l'" for "eau" and it meant "some water" even though we don't normally say the "some" in English. But in this sentance "Some water is a drink (or 'beverage')" doesn't fit. So I put "the water" and it was accepted by dl. But in English, we normally would say just "water" in this case. So I guess it's one of those things you have to learn by using French over a period of time.


I wrote for: l'eau--,the water and it was marked wrong 1.12.2018


Why not "beverage" instead of "drink"?


I think it can be translated either way


Because beverage is any drink besides water.


JohnL..., my lesson gave both "drink" and "beverage" as possible translations.


How can we drink a drink but not eat an eat?


"The water" is a really weird translation. Nobody would say that, I think you should add it to the possible translations


How about "water is a liquid".


I think that this might be something the you might have to say to many French people. "No really, guys, water is a drink..."

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    Beverage works also


    Is there any difference how "et" / "est" sound in French?


    Yes, there is a slight difference. Listen to them here:


    You can even choose to listen to the same person pronouncing each so as to compare them more carefully.


    "Bevarage" sounds better than "drink"

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      There is a liaison between est and une. Est’s last letters should be silent and pronounced as “eh”, but the liaison condition is available so it should be pronounced « est [-t-] une ».


      I heard "Le est une boisson" and had no idea it was say L'eau...just not how I was taught to pronounce it.


      Where is my profile


      What if you're taking the 'test out' thing, and you can't listen at the moment?


      "L'eau est une poisson."


      All the time I was hearing 'ae' sound for 'est'. I heard on some websites with same voice for 'est' 'et' 'a' and very difficult to differentiate. Also I thought boisson as masculine as it does'nt end with e. What rule for boisson to be a feminine word?


      It's frustrating when you type & make an error as the new format doesn't allow you to see what you had typed.

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