"Yo todavía lo uso en mi publicidad."

Translation:I still use it in my advertisement..

8 months ago


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This sentence has been doing my head in during today's practice session. It's almost identical to this one, except in employing the optional subject pronoun where the other doesn't. However, my experience today has been:

  • encounter one of these sentences. Type in, "I still use it in my ads." WRONG, you need the singular "ad". OK.
  • encounter it again. Think I've learned my lesson from last time, and type in, "I still use it in my ad." WRONG, you need the plural "ads". Ugh…

Then at the end of the lesson it took about four attempts to clear both versions of the sentence. I'm pretty sure that both answers should be accepted for both sentences (and I did try to report them), since there's no reason why the presence or lack thereof of "yo" should change whether "publicidad" refers to one ad or multiple.

8 months ago


I wrote "him" instead of "it" and got wrong. I was thinking of a model/photographer/producer - that sort of line in my mind. Could this sentence be interpreted that way?

6 months ago
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