"Which one is the correct one?"

Translation:Lequel est le bon ?

March 6, 2018

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I struggled with this and finally went with : "Lequel est le bon un" .

Even though the "un" at the end sounded wrong, it seemed to be required.....but apparently not.

To my mind the given answer translates to "Which one is the correct//good"

Please could someone explain this construction?

Merci beaucoup :]



Adjectives in French can sometimes become nouns in ways that they couldn't in English. Translation often overcomes this by adding "one" to the end of the sentence in English, but it doesn't make sense to add it into the French.
As an example, think of Victor Hugo's book "Les Misérables " → misérables is an adjective turned noun here and the title could be translated as "The Miserable Ones".


Thank you very much for that concise and clear explanation :]

Are there any rules for when adjectives can or cannot be turned into nouns?


My grammar knowledge is not broad enough to answer that question but you might find the discussion in this thread interesting and informative.


Thank you! :]


Sorry I couldn't be of more help. ☺


Even so, you give some of the most helpful (and concise, which we editors appreciate!) explanations. Much appreciated!


If any adjective can become a noun like that, then lequel / laquelle est le / la correcte should be accepted.


This exercise is wrong. It has "Laquelle" as a choice box but no masculine "Lequel." When I tried to match the feminine "laquelle" with the correct adjective, I couldn't. The answer is supposed to begin with "Lequel," which is not given in the exercise choices. Please correct this.


I picked Le as there was no La choice .... everything else was correct?...


why is that my answer to this translation wrong?"Lequel est le bon?, Laquelle est la bonne?"


Well, it would be wrong if you put both but I can see no reason why the 2nd → "Laquelle est la bonne ? " should not be accepted as there is no context to identify what "the one" is - masculine or feminine.


"Laquelle est la bonne ?" was accepted for me, so duo is accepting that answer.


Laquelle est la correcte is wrong?


Would "Lequel est vrai ?" also be correct?


Neither Lequel nor le words are available in the options. Only Laquel and la are available. How can one get the answer duo wants?

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