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  5. "Familia zetu"

"Familia zetu"

Translation:Our families

March 6, 2018


[deactivated user]

    How do I know whether familia is singular or plural?


    Context. In this case, you know from zetu. Because familia is a 9/10 (or N/N) noun, "our family" would be familia yetu.


    Could you please explain further? I don't fully understand. And what exactly is a N/N noun?


    Maybe you need to learn more about noun classes in Swahili. Take a look at this excellent cheat sheet: http://www.swahilicheatsheet.com/#nounclass

    The noun familia belongs to class 9/10 (referring to the singular/plural form), and since both singular and plural in this noun class take the prefix "n-", it is also known as the N/N noun class. Hope that helps!


    In the n/n noun class, the prefix "y" is used for singular (for possession related words) and "z" is used for plural

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