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Searching for usernames

I seem to have lost my little search bar where one searches for other users. Is this just me, or is this something that's been removed from the site?

April 17, 2014



I had no idea where mine was for a while, as it was moved it when they changed the site. Look in the "Leaderboard" box in the Home page or the "Friends" box in the Activity page for the Search button. I hope you can find it, or figure out why it's not there!


Oh wow, thank you so much. Why on earth was it moved down there? Here's a few lingots for the help


It took me a long time to find it myself, but at least it still exists! Thanks for the lingots. :)


Why can't I search DISCUSS for my own username, which has numbers at the end of it? I can search for other usernames and get results for only the username I want but my username search stops with only the beginning letters and I get thousands of results. I can't even "find on page" for my numbers. Someone please explain how I can limit my search to myself.

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