"Nudili jste se během té hry?"

Translation:Were you bored during that play?

March 6, 2018

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"Did you get bored during the game?" ... mela by tato veta jiny predklad do cestiny?


Znudila vás ta hra?

Stali jste se znuděnými během té hry? - hodně divné

Každopádně je tam ten perfektivní aspekt. Nevím, jak ho do češtiny přeložit co nejblíže a přitom nevyrobit paskvil.


"Were you bored during the act" is not possible?


An act is a part of a theatre play, not the whole piece. At least to me. It exist even in Czech - jednoaktová hra, dvouaktovka...


what is the difference between ''při'' and ''během'' ?


Same question as tuni.muni: Recently in the course there was a sentence something like “People used to sing during work” and I seem to remember that it was translated as “…při praci”. Are “během” and “při” interchangeable?


Mostly interchangeable. Caution: "při" goes with the locative, while "během" takes the genitive.

"při práci" is "while (I'm) working / while (I'm) at work"

"během" is closer to "during", it puts more emphasis on the passage of time during an event/situation. Note that it's a preposition now, but it was created as the instrumental form of "běh" (run, running), so "během hry" is literally "by the run(ning) of the play", there's a sense of time moving (running).

In most situations, the distinction is negligible.

There are some more-or-less set expressions, such as "při práci", "při jídle", "při sexu", but it's possible to use "během" in those, as well.


Why is not "were you boring, during that play


= "Byli jste nudní během té hry"

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