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  5. "我们的酒店在哪儿?"


Translation:Where is our hotel?

March 6, 2018



A little comprehension question(Testing myself)

Being said the same, are this two ways of writing correct?

我们的酒店在哪儿? = Where is our hotel?

我们的酒店在那儿?= Is our hotel there?


The difference in the correct pronunciation is is unmistakable. "哪儿" is third-tone, and "那儿" is fourth tone.

Strictly speaking, and virtually always, "Is our hotel there?" needs a question particle: "我们的酒店在那儿吗?"

However, "我们的酒店在那儿?", spoken with the right intonation and in the right context, could be equivalent to "Our hotel is there?", though it would be much clearer to put some sort of question tag or at least an "哦" or an "啊" at the end.


那 is a statement. 哪 is a question. "There" vs "where?"

If you just said 那儿 you would need 吗 on the end.

Also, there isn't really intonation in Chinese, but if the context is known, then your audience would know whether or not "我们的酒店在那儿?" is a question most likely


Why is a hotel called an "alcohol shop" in Chinese? If I saw 酒店 anywhere, I would've just assumed it's a bar. And indeed in Japanese(?) and Korean the same word is used for bar (さけてん and 주점 respectively), though English loanwords are preferred (バー & 바)


Because of the early association of lodgings with places to eat and drink. It's like the word "tavern" in English, which has been used alternatively to mean "establishment selling alcoholic drinks" and "establishment providing lodging".


Why is a an alcohol shop called a "public house" (i.e pub) in English? Same reason. Hotels and bars started as the same thing


In Japanese it would be a liquor store, although it's usually written 酒屋(さかや). 酒店 is rarely used and even more rarely pronounced but I'd say the most common would be さかだな or さかみせ, on-yomi would be しゅてん. On-yomi and kun-yomi (Sino-Japanese and native reading) are preferably not mixed, although it does happen. A bar would be 居酒屋(いざかや).


There are different words for hotels in Chinese depending on the quality. Take a look at this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GDBm80B-YA


哪儿and 哪 are just different accents and not different meanings


That may be, but in my experience, in the given context those who don't say "哪儿" usually say "哪里".


Native speaker from Taiwan here. "哪里"(trad. 哪裡) is more common than "哪儿"(trad. 哪兒) here, but "我们的酒店在哪?" sounds correct to me (It's casual, though).


我們的酒店在[哪兒/哪(casual)/哪裡(preferred in Taiwan)?]


"裡" 還是 "裏"?


They're equally valid variants.


where is located our hotel? should be accepted


"Where is our hotel located?", the revised version, is correct as the alternate answer.


To be clear, "where is located our hotel" is incorrect English word order. NasuSamaruk0's suggestion, "where is our hotel located", is correct.

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