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"They have important conversations."

Translation:Ellos tienen conversaciones importantes.

March 6, 2018



Why is "Ellos tienen los conversaciones importantes" incorrect? I thought we were to use the definite article before general subjects.

July 17, 2018


Using los as def article before plural subject nouns making a general statement about that category. This is not the case here.

September 28, 2018


The answer given is not correct it is not the same as the answer here.

March 6, 2018


I used Ellos tienen and was marked correct but you can also use les for they.

July 11, 2018


why do i have to use the personal pronoun. in other cases it is not used

March 18, 2019


Pluralize all applicable words. That's definitely an adjustment to english where we only pluralize the subject word that needs it.

May 15, 2019
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