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German --> English

Hello, can i learn (german native speaker) english here? in the invitation email, i read:
"..If you want to learn Spanish, German or English.." Now i found only english as the basic language and i can learn german or spanish. in the settings i found the option to change the basic language, but i can't choose this option. Can't i learn english as a german nativ?

best regards, christian

March 31, 2012



I think the only options right now are English --> German, English --> Spanish and Spanish --> English. They're adding more, but slowly.



As soon as you make an account you can go to the top right corner of your home page and there will be a drop down menu if you scroll over your user name. Click 'settings' from that drop down menu, and from there you can change your basic language from English to German.

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I don't think you can change your basic language from there. When you are on the login page, there is an option to choose between English and Spanish as your basic language. German is not an option (yet?). It will probably be an option eventually.


I would love to be able to train my english too.. @duolingo Since translations from english to german are Supported ,you may use german to english as an additional verification (but i think you are already going for that).

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