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"Time's up" box popped up when submitting a translation

Here's what happened:


When mastering the Conjunctions lesson, I had done a timed bonus round, then the next two real world translations - first I got the sentence you can see in the image ("Marco a toujours été...") and for the second real world translation exercise I was taken to the sentence right after that. As I clicked submit, the box you see in the image above popped up. I can't interact with it or make it go away by pressing escape.

Using Google Chrome and Windows 8.

March 21, 2013



Thanks for the screenshot and all these details. I'm going to have our team take a look and get back to you!


Same here, I got the "Time's up" warning while I was translating a phrase. I almost never use timed practice, and for sure not today. The article I was translating was "Album du vendredi, Photogéniques" and I was on my 3 or 4th sentence when that happened, I was in the same page for more that 5 minutes... (OS X 10.7, Chrome 25.0)

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