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Looking for Feedback on a new Der Die Das Game

Hej euch!

I am presently developing a Der Die Das game and would like to receive your feedback. Articles in German are one of the major struggling blocks for beginners, and when incorrectly learned are a major hindrance later on. Although there are already a lot of German Article games, many have errors, use a random set of words or don't include useful tips.

DISCLAIMER There is no shortcut or magic formula to predict articles for every noun in German, however there are some tips which can help beginners.

Der Die Das is a fun German article quiz game in which the player tries to guess the correct article for a set of nouns.

  • Contains 350 nouns adhering to the Goethe-Institut A1 examination, separated into 7 groups of 50.

  • Words are pronounced uses speech synthesis.

  • Each correct answer earns one point. A false answer resets the score to zero.

  • Various tips to recognize articles for certain nouns are included.

  • Progress and difficult nouns can be viewed from a list overview.

Der Die Das is not designed to teach vocabulary. There are presently no plans to include English (or other language) translations for the German nouns.

The game is presently in active development and an online version can be played here (works best on a computer). I plan on adding nouns adhering to Goethe-Institut A2 and B1, B2 will be considered if there is sufficient interest. Once the core concept is developed, a version will be made available for testing for iOS and Android. I also have some other German games in the works so stay tuned!

Thanks for taking the time to read this message and I look forward to your feedback.

Ciao, James

NOTE There are already fantastic app resources for learning German (such as Duolingo and Tinycards) that Der Die Das does not intend to compete with or supplement. Instead it is simply a fun way to casually test one's knowledge on German articles.

March 6, 2018



I love the idea of being able to select the vocabulary to use by CEFR level, and since I'm enrolled in the Goethe Institut this seems perfect for me.

My favourite existing Der Die Das app/game is by called DER DIE DAS and is by Ori Dov (to narrow it down).

This has a number of features that I like, although the absence wouldn't necessarily put me off.

You already said you weren't going to do this but it has the option to show the English translation of each German word. This is useful for me since I am still learning the vocabulary, and also because it does not limit itself to A1 vocabulary.

It has 'hints'. This means that if a word has an ending that strongly suggests the gender it will be highlighted in yellow. For instance words that end in -ung will have that part highlighted. You can select that and it will tell you that 99.2% of words with that ending are feminine. This is great for helping me remember those guidelines. It also helps me spot and remember the words that break the rules. I see you have hints already so perhaps you will consider highlighting the appropriate part of the word.

I look forward to trying your application and I'll respond if I have any useful feedback. Even without translations this will still be very helpful for revising the vocabulary in my current unit.


Hi hivemindx, thanks for your detailed message. My game has tips which would state that "most words ending in -ung take the article die" - I haven't included any statistical fact as this varies depending on the source used. Although these guidelines are useful, like my disclaimer above, the best way to know an article for a given noun is to learn it along with every new word. I'm sure you are fed up of hearing this, but it is really the only way.

I'm against including translations as 1) the game isn't designed to teach vocabulary, 2) word translations can be often incorrect or misleading and 3) localizing to other languages (Polish, Russian etc.) would be a huge undertaking. I do think, however, that an example sentence could be included. This would help in the content of multiple articles (der See, die See etc.), and is what Goethe actually include in their wordlist.

Looking forward to your feedback. The game is in the early development stage so I'm open to suggestions, however I do want to keep it as simple as possible and release as soon as possible.


With regard to der vs die See and der vs das Teil, der See is on the Goethe A1 Wordlist, die See only appears on the A2 Wordlist, while Kunde and Teil are given as der Kunde and der Teil etc. As the game is presently A1 only, Kunde, See, Teil thus except der as an answer. In the next version the game will accept multiple answers and there will be a relevant hint.


Sounds like a good idea - will consider trying it if I have the time. Bis bald.


Cool idea! Are there words with more than one correct answer in your game, like Otter, Band, Kiefer, Heide, Kunde, Laster, Steuer, Tau, Tor, See Moment, Mangel, etc.?


Hej Max. Momentan nimmt das Spiel nur «der» als die richtige Antwort für «See» an, aber in der Zukunft wird es solche Ausnahmen (z.B. der/die/das Joghurt) erkennen. James


I was just playing and I picked "das" for Teil, and it said I was wrong, even though Teil can be either masculine or neuter.


Hej drvdw. As my message above to Max, presently the game will only accept one article per word (der for Kunde, See, Teil etc.), however multiple answers will be possible in the future. James

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Hey, I tried your game, it's really nice. I especially like that it says the word out loud, this feature doesn't exist in an app that I am using now (Der Die Das https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=rzeh4n.derdiedas&hl=en ) and I miss it there, so for sure keep that :-)


There may be words that have two articles but mean different things (der See, die See). Maybe consider adding a translation of the words in a smaller font below the German one? Just a random thought. Best of luck with this!


Hi BLRT2000, thanks for the best wishes! Yes I am aware that der See and die See are two completely different words (as opposed to Teil which can take der or das). As I mentioned to hivemindx above, I do not wish to add a translation, but an example sentence could help clarify such issues. James


Hey, I think that's totally fine! An example sentence would actually be really great! Hopefully, they'll be clear enough. It's also great that you're adding nouns adhering to Goethe-Institut A2 and B1. I think B1 and B2 are the two levels that most people on Duolingo who have completed a great deal of the tree are at. It could be presented as an option AFTER people are done with Duolingo (something to take them to the next level).

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