Does anyone else still have the problem of no audio files in Swahili? The updates page says it was added 9 months ago but still no luck on my course.


March 6, 2018


No Swahili audio for anyone yet, as far as I know.
(Last tried yesterday.)

Since it's a more or less phonetic language, you could still go ahead with some confidence in the absence of audio, but I've put my Swahili study on hold for now, waiting for them to add the audio.

Same here. I do wonder if there's any insight into why it's taking so long. I think I heard at some point that the audio files have been sent in to Duolingo, and something on their side is taking a long time, but it would be good to know with more certainty and in more detail, and if there is any informed guess to be made about when the audio will be available.

Same, no audio. I hope they add it soon!

I just started using the Language Transfer Courses for audio (it has been suggested by others in the community. Just search Language Transfer Swahili and you will be brought to the website. The courses are streamed through soundcloud. I practice 5 Duolingo courses then listen to 1 or 2 of those (~ 8 - 10 mins long) a day.

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