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"Nejezte jablka z otcova stromu!"

Translation:Do not eat apples from your father's tree!

March 6, 2018



How do you know if it's your father? Why can't it be mine? Or someone else's? :-/


Actually in this case it could be the speaker's father or father of the person spoken to. It should be clear from the context. That's why we do accept all of my/our/your.

Czech uses these pronouns much less than English which tends to be always explicit.


In English, we often say “from father’s tree”. The meaning of whose father it would be is determined by the speakers or the context of the description. I always use this as a translation for sentences in this module and it is always wrong. As a native english speaker, I do this automatically. Since you accept any pronoun, I hope you can add this (pronoun-less) as an acceptable translation.


Note we have no users' reports for this sentence for this system. But I added it.


But also note that it seems to by far not that common. https://books.google.com/ngrams/graph?content=in+my+father%27s+house%2C+in+father%27s+house I may have to delete it again.


I was actually doing exactly the same, just didn't report. Please accept it, it's not wrong and much closer to Czech.


I can't reply to the reply, so I'll explain here - it's closer to czech because the Czech doesn't specify whose father it is, so we're going for the English construction that doesn't specify it as well, even though it's not that common.


Why do you think it is any closer to Czech?


Based on this discussion, would "the father's tree" be acceptable, or does this change the meaning?


We had quite a few discussions about this. Try to search for "the father" and similar in Czech discussions (even using Google). I would have to do the same.

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