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"She needed to live somewhere."

Translation:Potřebovala někde bydlet.

March 6, 2018



Mine was a translation exercise from English to Czech. I wrote "Potrebovala bydlet nekde" which was marked wrong. I have read the comments and see that this word order stresses "nekde", but is it wrong, or just not a common phrasing? In the translations my first attempt is usually to try to stick with the same word order as the sentence given, unless there are clitics or other necessary adjustments. I reported that my sentence should have been accepted, but would just appreciate some guidance on this. Thanks.


Words like někde, někdo, něco, nějak are inherently too diffuse, uncertain to carry the stress imposed on them by being placed in the final position in statements. You should start by avoiding that placement, especially in statements.


I consider it wrong/ungrammatical.


What about "Ona potrebovala zit nekde."?


Not strictly impossible but quite strange or awkward.


I answered Potřebovala bydlet někde and it was marked wrong. I'm wondering if word order is important here. In other sentences I've saved the infinitive for last (as in German sentences) and had it marked wrong so I'm guessing it's just an error on Duolingo's part...


See my answer above, it is really the same. You would have to stress někde very strongly.


I see. So, it's a matter of the final position implies stress? It's just really hard for us Czech learners to get a sense of what word orders are natural and unnatural. I suppose a year or two living in Prague would fix that.


Sadly, that is NOT guaranteed..;-( but worth trying.


I don't believe I've heard 'potrebovat' in combination with another verb. I am conscious of it used only with concrete objects. I'm more familiar with 'muset' combined with other verbs (e.g., musim spat). Is the construction of this exercise typical?

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