"Tohle všechno opravdu začalo jedním šálkem čaje?"

Translation:All of this really started with one cup of tea?

March 6, 2018

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All of this really started with one cup of tea? Do you really offer this as a basic translation? This is supposed to be a question, isn't it?


It's a reasonable translation. What I wrote is phrased more as a question, and was accepted: Did all this really start with one cup of tea?


You skipped the auxiliary verb at the start of the question. It should be "Did all this really start..."


"All of this really started with one cup of tea?" is a declarative question, i.e., a statement made in the form of a question with the intonation of a question. This is common in many languages, and it's also used in English.


It should be genitive as shown -- a cup OF tea -- even though šálek is in the instrumental form.


Is there a difference between "all of this really started with one cup of tea" and "this really all started with one cup of tea"? I feel like there MIGHT be a slight difference in emphasis but i can't really tell how..


I am really struggling with my 'legend' efforts in 'With what' and have now been thrown out three times in succession for giving a translation that is perfectly fine in my view but rejected by Duolingo. What is wrong with 'This really all started with one cup of tea?'...


I have added it now. You have a knack for using word orders and ways of expressing things that are correct and appropriate as a translation, keeping the same meaning, yet which the authors of the exercises didn't think of AND nobody (or very few people) have reported throughout the years. :)


I don't know what to say...I honestly do NOT set out to provide unusual translations so I am often surprised when what to me seems a perfectly normal version is rejected. Duolingo states that it aims to be the BEST language-learning platform and welcomes students' contributions but if it is felt that I am too pedantic, then I prefer to remain silent. It will save both moderators and myself time AND will not harm my knowledge of Czech or improve my knowledge of (British) English at all. I’ll just have to remember and use Duolingo’s accepted translation…Having said all this, I DO appreciate the hard work all moderators do!


I didn't say you are too pedantic, I have no objections to your reports/contributions, on the contrary, improvements are welcome. I was merely expressing my wonder over how many missing (yet valid) translations you've been able to uncover in the past few weeks, which have mostly remained undiscovered in the past several years -- no judgement there.

Just please understand that we have limited capacity. I go through these discussions in my free time. There are tons of unprocessed reports and it will take a long time to go through them all. So it's just a little grating when someone writes "This has been reported years ago and it's still not accepted". I wouldn't have to do this at all. I'm devoting (most of) my paid time to work on a new version of both this course and the reverse course (English for Czech speakers), and like I said, I continue doing this - going through these comments in my free time. The only other person who has access to add new accepted answers into these courses primarily does so in the EN


Thank you for reply and good luck with designing the new course!


I asked this previously as well.. i still have not gotten an answer.. seem the same to me.. maybe a slight difference in emphasis due to the position of"all" but i can't see where it changes the meaning..

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