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Translating a phrase

I'm having some difficulty translating a phrase from a show I'm watching. My transcription of it may not be perfect, but I was wondering if anyone might be able to help.

It's "Austère que ç'est ce l'ai tous tes voeux. Allez! Dis-le!" This doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me outside of the ending, so I assume I'm transcribing some part of it wrong. Also using the "Austère" in this fashion is like martian to me.

I dunno if anyone would know.

March 6, 2018



The sentence as you wrote it is pretty much gibberish, but I think the actual transcription could be "Ose dire que c'est cela que tu veux!" which means "Dare say that this is what you want!"


That sounds like it's probably right. Or at least close. Probably "Ose dire que ç'est ceux-la tous tes voeux." (Dare to say that these are all of your wishes) " C'est logique? Les dernier deux mots sont mots avec "T" comme leur premier lettre. Definitivement. And it's definitely "tes" he's saying.


Alors, qu'est-ce que c'est que tu veux? (What is it that you want, then?). ???


Definitely not Alors. Pretty sure "Ose dire" is right.


Mmm, but then it would be "Ose dire ce que tu veux" or "Ose le dire si c'est ça que tu veux", or "Ose dire que c'est ce que tu veux"... (Have the courage to say that that's what you want). ??? I give up!


It's longer than that. Anyway, I'm reasonably certain what he was saying was "Ose dire que c'est ceux-la tous tes voeux.". (He really emphasizes the OSE DIRE and the CEUX-LA as being separate sounds. I just didn't know "Ose" was a word.)


You can have translate app


The issue was more that I didn't have a proper transcription.

Most translators can be kind of hit and miss too. Though they've gotten better for french.

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