"Do not sleep in the afternoon"

Translation:Msilale mchana

March 6, 2018



This is still a major edit that must be done. There is no indication in the english whether the "you" is singular or plural, so either answer should be accepted. It is frustrating to keep getting things wrong just because we couldn't guess correctly.

March 6, 2018


Agree... very frustrating!!

November 5, 2018


my question is around the ending. i expected an 'i' at the end of lala verb stub ...I've not seen the rule that would replace the 'a' with an 'e'... Please help, what am I missing?

January 19, 2019


Negative commands:

1) Use the usual subject prefixes ("u-" sg., "m-" pl.)
2) Drop the tense marker (as for positive polite commands)
3) Add the negative marker “-si-”
4) If the verb ends with “-a”, change it to “-e”
If the verb ends with “-i” or “-u”, do not change it.

Usinunue! - You shouldn’t buy it! (you sg.)
Usichelewe! - Don’t be late/delay! (you sg.)
Msilale! - Don't sleep! (you pl.)
Msisahau! - Don’t forget! (you pl.)
Msirudi! - Don’t return! (you pl.)


January 20, 2019
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