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"My mom is going to ask for leave next week."


March 7, 2018



Shouldn't "ask" for time off and "take" time off translate to different phrases?


Is the Chinese saying "next week, my mother will ask for leave (to be taken at some unspecified time)"? Would changing the word order to 我的妈妈会请假下个星期。change the sense to "my mother is going to ask for leave, which will be taken next week"? Or is this word order even possible in Chinese? If not, how would the latter be expressed? Is the given phrasing ambiguous, as it is in English?


It is a while since you asked this one, but for future reference if one wanted to emphasise the time that the leave will be taken rather than the time the leave will be requested, you could use 請假 as a separable verb (something that hasn't been taught yet as of this lesson) and put a modifying phrase in between 請 and 假:

我的媽媽會請下個星期的假 = 我的妈妈会请下个星期的假 = My mother will request next week's leave.


I don't see why I cannot say, "Next week, my mom..." instead of "My mom, next week..."


English sentence as an ambiguity that makes translation difficult. Does your mother want to take next week off, or is your mother going to ask her boss for leave next week for some unspecified time.


Can we say Shang ge xingqi, wo de mama hui qing ja?


This is just what I wrote... My question too...


下个星期我的妈妈会请假 (xià gè xīngqí NOT shàng gè xīngqí) was accepted.

上个星期 means LAST week.


The English sentence is ambiguous and has implications for the Chinese translation: does the mother want not to be working next week, or is next week the time period when she will submit a leave request for an unspecified set of days ?


Must the position of 会 be after 'next week'? Can it be before?


Is the word order with '会' really important here? If I say "我的妈妈下个星期请假", it gets marked wrong..


会请假 - will take leave. Where are the words for "going for ask"? What Chinese grammar rule am I missing here?


In this case the 請 is the verb to request. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E8%AB%8B


The hints for 'ask for' and 'leave' were not very helpful.

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