"Uneori mănânci șnițele cu muștar."

Translation:Sometimes you eat schnitzels with mustard.

March 7, 2018

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Huh. I've always treated schnitzel as uncountable. One schnitzel, some schnitzel. Does this mean different kinds of schnitzel, or is this grammatically different in Romanian?

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If you say "one schnitzel", then you just started to count them. Why not "two schnitzels" then?

In Romanian, the schnitzels are as countable as they can be.

We can say that we ate "un șnițel", "două șnițele", "trei șnițele și jumătate" (three and a half schnitzels), etc. Also, we can say that we ate "niște șnițel/e" (some schnitzel/s) or just "șnițel/e", without mentioning the exact quantity.

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