"I have heavy knees after I run."

Translation:Eu am genunchii grei după ce alerg.

March 7, 2018

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I wrote: eu am genunchii grei dupa ce eu fug. Is it incorrect to write the pronoun twice in the same sentence?

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It is redundant and awkward. We don't repeat the subject if this doesn't add anything to the message. Usually, we even skip the subject completely if it can be understood from the conjugation of the verb or from the context.

Am genunchii grei după ce alerg.

  • eu am ------ eu alerg

  • tu ai -------- tu alergi

  • el/ea are --- el/ea aleargă

  • noi avem --- noi alergăm

  • voi aveți ---- voi alergați

  • ei/ele au ---- ei/ele aleargă


Previously this phrase used 'eu' twice. This time it uses 'ce'. Any reason for this?


"heavy" knees? What? Did they gain weight after running? :D I think we would use "swollen," or maybe even "stiff."


This sentence makes no sense in English


What is wrong with saying dupa ce eu alerg?


Not wrong but no native will repeat the pronoun.


Yes, I totally understand that, thank you for the explanation. My mother tongue is Catalan and we skip the pronouns all the time. I just wanted to know if it was incorrect.

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I am not a teacher and I don't know if there is a rule according to which that sentence would be strictly incorrect. My guess is that if a rule regarding this situation would exist, it would at least recommend avoiding such use.

These two sound natural:

  • Eu am genunchii grei după ce alerg. / Am genunchii grei după ce alerg.

These two don't sound natural at all:

  • Eu am genunchii grei după ce eu alerg. / Am genunchii grei după ce eu alerg.

One exception is when I want to emphasize that "I have heavy knees after I run, not after you run." Then it is not unnatural to use the second pronoun: "Eu am genunchii grei după ce alerg eu, nu după ce alergi tu." Please note that in this case the second pronoun comes after the verb!


Thank you!!!

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