Is it possible for Japanese (edit: the course in Duolingo) to have furigana?

And if you don't know what furigana is, you've probably seen it. It's the small hiragana sometimes written over kanji.

(Edit: Especially being able to turn it on and off, because sometimes it could help you too much.)

What do y'all think?

March 7, 2018


I would like that too, it would make it much easier to remember what they sound like both stand-alone and next to other kanji.

-Make it so, mr Duo!

It definitely might help us learn the onyomi and the kunyomi.

So true, I have also been struggling with that lately.

If you start reading in Japanese you wil find furigana in the children grade books and manga's. I actually thought that furigana is exclusieve to Japanese. Seeing as they are the only ones that have both kana alfabeths.

I believe "is it possible for this Japanese course to have furigana?" is what was actually meant.

Furigana is supported by HTML so I don't see can't be an option.

Yea even in Japan, they use furigana on uncommon kanjis

Furigana is used in manga, so I don't see why it can't be in Duolingo! :)

I would really like furigana, at least in the hover/click pop-up. Would help a lot with the current audio issues.

I would also like to endorse this idea. SO OFTEN I can't quite make out exactly the syllables the audio example is making when I hover over a word I don't remember.

It's especially important when a word had very subtly different sounds. Like the words for Hospital and hair dressers びょういん and びよういん.

I would love this, especially in the tooltips

It's definitely one of the things that makes me prefer Lingodeer over Duolingo for Japanese currently. I'm less annoyed by the omission of furigana for Kanji btw. (as long as they're in the tooltips anyway), but by the implicit effect of having to suffer through hiragana writing for things that should have Kanji.

If they can implement it, I hope they do. It looks like it could help a lot with introdusing and learning kanji.

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